Quality Assurance

AGent Sales & Services Pty Ltd has carried SAI Global’s famous ‘5-ticks’ insignia since 1995 demonstrating the businesses long-standing commitment to, and success in, managing quality processes. Transition to the latest revision of the standard, ISO9001:2015 was achieved and has now been fully implemented for more than a year.

AGent Sales & Services Pty Ltd is committed to providing goods and services, delivered on-time, which consistently meet the needs and expectations of our customers. Employees at all levels are active participants in the quality management system and given appropriate responsibilities to assist with its implementation, maintenance and continual improvement. Efforts to improve internal processes are conducted in a concerted fashion with outcomes reviewed regularly to assess their effectiveness and guide further actions.

AGent Sales & Services Pty Ltd prides itself on open and honest communication with stakeholders and prompt remedial actions in response to all emerging issues.

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